Disruption and Technology – Week in Review

We at iCE3X think Bitcoin is the king of disruption. We are a little biased.

Nevertheless, there was some key mainstream news for Bitcoin this week, as it continues to inch its way into the public consciousness.

Former Obama advisor and economic heavyweight, Larry Summers, weighed in with some positive comments from Washington’s halls of power.

Larry Summers has one of those voices that move international markets. So, when he speaks, traders and financiers listen.

Without addressing bitcoin directly, Summers cited the potential of digital currency and related technologies to solve problems with the current financial infrastructure.3D-house-printer-Contour-Crafting-1

There was also confirmation from Bloomberg that their trading terminals would now show a live feed of bitcoin prices from leading US exchanges.

This decision has been speculated on for a while. It was finally confirmed after hundreds of existing customers requested the service bitcoin prices. The facility started testing last year and now it is going into full launch.

The Las Vegas-based Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, RoboCoin, has confirmed that it is adding and upgrading features for its machines. This includes the ability to send funds to phone numbers.

This represents a sincere desire to enter the highly lucrative international remittance market. Robocoin is calling its machines “the fastest way to send cash worldwide.”

In the news from non-Bitcoin disruption, we have to look no further than 3D printing. We are fans of 3D printing technology at iceCUBED. It holds similar promise for disrupting the industry.

For this reason, we were very interested to hear that a company in China has used a giant printer set to print ten houses in a single day.

These are one-story homes in the Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Shanghai. By all accounts, they look like ordinary buildings. They were built using an intelligent printing array.

The array consists of four printers, 10 meters wide and 6.6 meters high. They used multi-directional automated sprays. The sprays emit a combination of cement and construction waste that is used to print building walls.

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