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The advantage of Bitcoin for Retailers is obvious.

But why would a consumer use Bitcoin?

There are many reasons. The main advantages are below.

As Bitcoin inches its way to the mainstream it is important to understand these:

1. It’s fast:

Send money anywhere in the world instantly. When compared with banks transfers this is incredible.

2. It’s cheap:

Your credit card may be able to send money instantly. But the cost is high. With Bitcoin it’s free.

3. It’s inflation proof:

The laws of mathematics and computer science dictate that there can only ever be 21 million Bitcoins.

This is important. No central bank can print as many Bitcoins as they like. Thereby decreasing the true value of the Bitcoins you hold. Do you trust math or bankers?

4. It’s safe from fraud:

Credit cards are 1930’s technology. They were never designed for the internet.

With Bitcoin you do not have to give away all your private / personal information shop. So your information can not be stolen.

5. It’s private:

No one knows your shopping activities. There are no 3rd parties watching what you do online.

6. It’s yours:

If you keep your Bitcoins on your computer then they are yours. No one can seize them or tell you what to do with them.

It’s like having cash in your wallet. Bitcoin (digital cash) are held on your computer, in your digital wallet.


This list goes into more comprehensive detail of the above. Bitcoin is money for the internet.

The US has the dollar. South Africa has the Rand. Japan has its Yen. And the internet has the Bitcoin.

If you’re interested in joining the Bitcoin economy and learning more, sign-up here.

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