UPDATE 2018: TREZOR Latest Firmware Updates; New era for Trezor One?


SatoshiLabs released a new TREZOR firmware update yesterday. It brings several security optimizations and updates that make TREZOR ready for Smart Property such as Colored Coins or Document Timestamping, the blockchain based notary service.

Customization of the home screen is built in the firmware too and waiting for submissions from our community.

Two Community Driven Security Updates 

We’d like to thank two gentlemen for their active contribution to the safety of TREZOR.

Jochen proposed an enhancement to our transaction fee calculation. This implementation strengthened the security of TREZOR and allowed us to make the transaction signing faster.

Didtoo in his reddit post brought up a potential scenario of avoiding the PIN delay designed to protect TREZOR against brute-forcing. The probability of such attack is very low in real life as it requires several conditions to be met, we have introduced a fix that makes it impossible.

TREZOR Ready for Smart Property 

A new feature called OP_RETURN prepares TREZOR for future use with advanced blockchain applications like the Colored Coins or Document Timestamping. Developers of such services can now easily add support of TREZOR and provide high security and ease of use to such operations.

Colored coins can be used to represent stocks, bonds, smart properties, other currencies (such as dollars, pounds, yen, or euros etc.), and different tokens like access tokens, discount coupons or employee benefits points, entry tickets and much more. The main benefit of colored coins is that any company or group can easily issue such valuables without having to go through heavy processes, capital requirements or obstacles in physical distribution. At the same time all the transactions are transparent and can be easily verified through the Bitcoin blockchain.

Blockchain-based Notary Services with TREZOR

Document Timestamping is another great development on top of Bitcoin.

It allows everyone to create an anonymous, secure and public proof of existence for any document. Very low or zero costs and distributed proof of existence could replace the costly notary services. Proving the ownership of copyrighted material; proving that certain data existed at a certain moment of time; verification of document’s data integrity – these are just some practical use-cases of document timestamping. As of now TREZOR has the capability to work with such transactions and we are eager to see service providers to add TREZOR support to their systems.

Create Custom Designs fortrezor-cat the TREZOR Home Screen

With this firmware update you will be able to replace the default TREZOR display by your own. Before we enable this feature in myTREZOR.com, we’d like to prepare a gallery for immediate use and give everyone the chance to submit their own artwork.

Contribute to our default selection with your original design! Send your genuine artwork in black & white (black is the background color), at resolution of 128 x 64 px and .PNG format to [email protected].

We’ll pick the best proposals and make them available for all our users.

The best one wins a TREZOR, color of your choice.

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