Token Listing Process


We at iCE3X are not chasing profits at the expense of being a responsible and ethical exchange. Because of this standpoint we:


  • Accept listing fees
  • Allow margin trading
  • List utility coins (that are considered securities)
  • Shill coins
  • Manipulate order books (with trading bots and own trading account)
  • Offer our own wallet


  • Provide an open order book
  • Know our clients
  • Educate our clients
  • Reward our clients
TIP: All the tokens currently listed oniCE3X can be found on the listed token page

Preliminary Listing Process

A listing will be initiated in the following manner:

iCE3X will scan the marketplace and select a token that it believes will benefit the exchange, or An applicant (registered and verified on iCE3X) will request the addition of a specific token along with a legal memorandum or opinion from a  qualified counsel. The memo or opinion should present the factual and legal basis for its conclusion that the token is not a security under South African and Nigerian laws, and any other applicable securities laws, and that trades of the tokens would not be subject to regulation under South African and Nigerian laws, and any applicable laws applicable to trading of commodities

Full Listing Review

The full listing review is a two-step process:

  1. General Information Requirements
  2. Review Decision by iCE3X staff

Step 1: General Information Requirements

The applicant or iCE3X – if initiated by iCE3X – will need to submit the following information:

  • Coin Name
  • All information necessary to create a corporate account on the exchange (KYC)
  • Coin Name and Proposed Ticker Symbol
  • Description of Token
  • Launch Date – main net and platform
  • Is this an ERC20 token?
  • Is this an ERC20 holding token that will be replaced by another token in the future?
  • Github Link
  • Did you raise money or digital currency to launch your coin? If so, please provide information on your raise.
  • Did you have a pre-mine? If so, how much is it? Is any of it in escrow?
  • What is the maximum money supply of your token?
  • What exchanges are you currently on, if any?
  • Official blockchain explorer
  • What is your Transaction Fee for a transaction?
  • Link to your coin/token whitepaper
  • Social media information, including official website, twitter account, facebook page, telegram account etc.

If you are an ETH token:
(i) Was a code review performed of your smart contract? If so, by whom? Please provide all relevant documents?
(ii) What is your smart contract address?

Step 2: Review by iCE3X staff

After this information is received then iCE3X will review the following. iCE3X may add other criteria at its own discretion:

1Technology experience and reputation of token applicant and the team50%
2Market interest20%
3Usefulness of use cases10%
4Interesting, innovative or unique application10%
5Significant improvement over existing blockchain5%
6New blockchain features5%

After this step a decision to list or not to list the token is made. A notification will be sent to the applicant.

If the token will be listed then all iCE3X social media channels will notify its clients of the listing date. The listing date will be within 4 weeks of the decision to list.

Disclaimer: This document constitutes mere guidelines to the listing procedures of iCE3X. Each listing is evaluated independently on merit.