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We could not resist doing a piece about JAWBONE – best known for it’s Bluetooth-equipped headsets and portable speakers. Today, the firm is developing plans for a range of wearable smart devices that operate on a single software platform, or “body-area network”.

Africa’s first Ripple Gateway At iceCUBED we are pleased to announce Ripple integration for our users. We are a Ripple Gateway; Africa’s first in fact. Ripple traders now have complete exposure to the continent and its most versatile currency, the S. African Rand (ZAR). We will be releasing a detailed How-To guide shortly, but for […]

It’s become a truism in the bitcoin community that widespread acceptance of bitcoin will come when the background process of selling and buying or paying for something is virtually no more complicated than swiping a contactless card. Money in, money out, trade accomplished. The second prerequisite, looks like it’s on the verge of happening. It […]

The first Bitcoin ATM has hit the streets of Johannesburg. Rolf Deppe and business partner, Monre Botes, are the geniuses who decided to run the Lamassu Bitcoin vending machine from the new Metroman salon situated in Kyalami, Midrand. This will be the next step to tweak the interests of all hipsters for a face to face experience of Bitcoin currencies.

Africa and Bitcoin – Rhetoric V. Reality Africa is routinely cited as the region most likely to benefit from Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies. Terms like ‘the unbanked‘, ‘remittance‘ and ‘diaspora‘ are standard vocabulary for many in the Bitcoin community. Yet, despite all the hype, the technology is yet to take off in Africa in any meaningful way. The blockchain as a […]

Bitcoin Regulation The State of New York’s draft for their proposed ‘BitLicense’ regime, has made Bitcoin regulation front-page news once again. The reaction from the community and all its constituents, has been mixed. Regardless of your opinion one thing is clear; regulations are on their way. For better or worse it looks like the State […]

Smart contracts are an exciting new frontier for technology, business and law. It has the potential to usher in a wave of innovation and serve as a building block for a next chapter of the internet. The concept of a smart contract is to formally encode the conditions and outcomes of a legal agreement into […]