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Pet ID and Its Importance The Stilfontein SPCA is part of our ‘Resources’ charity initiative. You can donate to this worthy cause, Bitcoin and Litecoin, here. The SPCA has run out of tags. They are in dire need of funds to buy new stock. They pay R10 a tag and need to buy 500, bringing […]

  An Update From Stilfontein SPCA. The Stilfontein SPCA has an excellent adoption rate. Adoption refers to animals rescued from abuse and taken into care by loving families and individuals.

SPCA Update – Education Stilfontein is pleased to announce that it is starting a major outreach program. It will be visiting local primary schools and educating children on animal care and compassion. The Stilfontein SPCA needs our help.

SPCA Update

February 13, 2014 Charity

SPCA Update – From Feb. 5th The SPCA found 2 tortoises in the township being kept under horrific conditions. In South Africa it is illegal to keep tortoises or any indigenous animals without a permit. The SAPS assisted the SPCA in this operation. Upon arrival at the first premises there was found a hole drilled […]