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Blockchain Charity – Experimentation in China Bitcoin and blockchain technology hold great promise for charity work. Blockchain charity is an idea we could see a lot in the future. In particular blockchains could be revolutionary for the operational aspects of charity. Blockchain technology involves are transparent ledger. Everyone is able to track the usage of funds. […]

Africa and Bitcoin – Rhetoric V. Reality Africa is routinely cited as the region most likely to benefit from Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies. Terms like ‘the unbanked‘, ‘remittance‘ and ‘diaspora‘ are standard vocabulary for many in the Bitcoin community. Yet, despite all the hype, the technology is yet to take off in Africa in any meaningful way. The blockchain as a […]

How to Solve the Byzantine Generals Problem When people say Bitcoin will change the world they are not necessarily crazy. What they are actually referring to is the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin’s underlying invention: the blockchain. The blockchain is the decentralised and distributed public ledger of all transactions. Every user on the network shares the ledger. It […]