The below People Magazine article stands as testament to Suzette’s drive and depth of character.

Her work is invaluable. Please give her local shelter the opportunity to survive.

Often the animals have only been stunned – they are still alive. They have been driven down kill shutes with electric prods or clubs.

In the words of Suzette: “If you say; I’m only one person, I can’t help – then climb back into your bubble. You may never change, that’s your choice…if knowing that we slaughter billions of animals every year doesn’t matter to you then go back to sleep.”

If you’ve read this list of the things that people are doing to animals and claim that you can’t help in any way then you are content living in a bubble.

It’s best that you stay out of the way of those who have awakened to the incredible difference that one determined person can make!

It is 2014 – animal cruelty and the tyranny of animal exploitation and suffering is real.

Please assist and donate Bitcoin.

Sir Paul McCartney: “You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”

If you do care then act and help Suzette Kotze, ‘Animal Warrior’: Donate Bitcoin.

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Suzette Kotze - Animal Warrior - Donate Bitcoin

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