Mother of four and “animal warrior” Suzette Kotze is a local SPCA head.

Aware of iceCUBED and our local community work she made a direct appeal.

“Today I want to ask you on my knees, beg you actually…we are in urgent need of funds, otherwise we might close down, PLEASE !!!! What will happen to our animals if we are not here anymore…I am the only hope our animals have.”

In her small town there are at least 21 extreme animal abuse cases each month. The images received with her plea were truly horrific. Something had to be done.

Suzette is new to Bitcoin. She is genuinely excited by the opportunity to take donations directly from all over the world at zero cost.

By adapting her outlook to the digital age iceCUBED is helping her increase her reach.

Suzette has dedicated her life to stopping the vicious animal cruelty rife in her area. Your donations to the SPCA will be most appreciated.

Help the SPCA and donate Bitcoin and/or Litecoin.


Contact Details:

Stilfontein SPCA – Inspector

Suzette Kotze – Ph: +27 799 689 601

Facebook: suzette.kotze.39

Certificate of Registration of Non-Profit Organisation


Images from the SPCA:

(*Warning these images are graphic and may offend some viewers.
 They are some of the badly abused dogs Suzette cares for and treats).

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


We have raised R 6070.59 since the 20th of January 2014 via BTC and LTC.


To contribute to this worthy cause please donate below:



100009032StilfonteinSPCA QR code BTC


100009032StilfonteinSPCA QR code LTC

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