Stilfontein SPCA Update.

An Update From Stilfontein SPCA.

The Stilfontein SPCA has an excellent adoption rate.

Adoption refers to animals rescued from abuse and taken into care by loving families and individuals.

Adoptions at Suzette’s SPCA in Stilfontein varies from 20 to 30 animals per month. Considering that the SPCA is located in a very poor community this is considered as an excellent performance rate.

Suzette and her organisation do everything in their power to match pets with the right family.

To be able to do this they need to stay open. They can only stay open if people out there invest in or donate to the organisation.

Please help the Stilfontein SPCA to help those who cannot speak for themselves. Remember, “Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal the world has changed forever”.Stilfontein SPCA Update a

You can click here to learn more about ‘animal warrior’ Suzette Kotze and her organisation. You can also donate directly to the organisation via that page.

They accept donations in both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Mother of four and ‘animal warrior’ Suzette Kotze is renowned for her work rescuing tortured and abused animals in her area.

After her SPCA rescues the animals they are cared for, treated and housed. A lot of effort is then put into finding a suitable home for them.

This kind of work is expensive. Their existence relies on your support. Every bit helps.

In her small town there are at least 21 extreme animal abuse cases each month.

If you can donate Bitcoin or Litecoin to support this worthy cause, please click here.

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