A Small SPCA Proves Every Bit Matters.

In this charity update we see that they’re buying the materials they need to create a better life for tortured animals.

One thing is certain, this team works tirelessly: conducting education, social and economical programs and empowering animal owners. Prevention is, after all, always better than cure. Your generous contributions have kept the program alive and active.

Providing effective advocacy, health care, education, feeding and veterinary care. They are hoping for your continued donations. Here are a few photos of the recent outreaches programs.

On behalf of the Stilfontein SPCA and all the animals. Thank you!

A few words from Suzette Kotze of the SPCA:

“When animals become an inconvenience or a financial burden to humans, we don’t look for solutions, we don’t ask how we contributed  to the problem, we just kill them. So we organize hunting parties, culls, aerial round ups and trapping lines.

Armed with our moral indignation we slaughter creatures who we have determined are unnecessary. Governments are complicit, even encouraging this carnage when they allow wolf trapping, horse round ups, badger culls, bird culls and bear hunting. Self-satisfied politicians smile for the photo op., the problem has gone away, aren’t I special?”

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  1. Thank you to the staff for all the hard and most times trying work that you do.


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