Pet ID and Its Importance

The Stilfontein SPCA is part of our ‘Resources’ charity initiative. You can donate to this worthy cause, Bitcoin and Litecoin, here.

The SPCA has run out of tags. They are in dire need of funds to buy new stock. They pay R10 a tag and need to buy 500, bringing this to a total funds requirement of R5,000.

The Stilfontein SPCA desperately needs your help in this cause. Help them protect the safety and well-being of local animals. These animals are just waiting for their tags to go home.

Please do consider contributing to this worthy cause.

Placing identification is a basic task for any pet guardian, yet so many well-loved pets become lost without a collar and an ID tag. This results in unnecessary challenges in bringing them safely home.

Collars, with identification, are your pets’ fastest ticket back should they become lost.

Is This Really a Problem for our Pets?PetTag

It most certainly is. According to studies fewer than 2% of lost cats and only 15-20% of lost dogs are ever returned to their guardians.

Just because a pet lives inside, there is no guarantee of safety. Some 40% of lost cats in the local community are indoor-only cats and only 19% of cats reported lost had any sort of identification.

Help your pet find a way back to you in any emergency, from a common loose window screen to an unexpectedly violent storm.

Collars and Tags

A collar and identification tag is the simplest and most economical way to ensure your lost pet finds a way back to you. Still, many pet parents delay or resist adding identification to their pets.

As you may know, no adopted pet from an SPCA is allowed to leave that SPCA without a positive ID tag.


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