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We at iceCUBED recently teamed up with Bitcoin Botswana evangelist, Alakanani Itireleng, to provide support to the SOS Children’s Village in Botswana.

Since launching the campaign, through the support of the international Bitcoin community across continents, we have raised US$1,500 in Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The Children’s village is not only looking for donors, but also requires partners. Entities partnering with the program will be recognised as a partner of SOS Children’s Villages Botswana and will be invited to all SOS events in their three locations.

SOS Children’s Villages Botswana is a non-governmental, non-profit social development organisation. With increased demand for its services, SOS Botswana has seen itself growing in terms of geographical coverage, number of beneficiaries and program interventions.

Proposed Refurbishment

In 2007, SOS Botswana embarked on an ambitious project; the Serowe SOS Children’s Village. It is a locally funded project which has 12 family houses, housing a total of 120 children. Children from the ages of one day to 14 years, stay in these family houses. After 14 years, the children graduate to the Youth Facility which is a transition to independent life.

In the Youth Facility, the youth will be taught basic survival concepts mainly self-management, time management, issues of morality and good living, and budgeting. The youths are kept under the guidance of a Youth Leader.

SOS Children’s Village bought a property in Serowe in 2012 to be used as Boys Youth Facility. The facilities need some extensive renovations before it can be occupied and seek help for the renovations. As stated above the house will have 15 occupants i.e. 14 youths and 1 youth leader.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Partners of the organisation will be recognised on their website and Facebook page as a partner of SOS Children’s Village and the logo will be placed there permanently. SOS Botswana’s social media pages will have a link to the Partners website with a paragraph summarising the partners’ tagline and the support it renders to SOS Botswana.

The Partners will also be recognised in SOS Botswana’s newsletters as a partner of SOS. A plaque showing the Partners’ names will be placed at the facility being sponsored. Furthermore, a newspaper article with the major newspapers such as the Mmegi & Daily News, will be done highlighting the partnership.


Cost of the Project

The total cost of the refurbishment will be 462,636.44 Pula (Approx. US$ 53,000) or roughly 95 BTC, on current exchange rates.

For full details of costing and budget contact the program direct.

Results of the Partnership and Funding

Each child will be guaranteed long term child placement, where a child enters the family home/youth facility until he/she is independent and a responsible adult, able to integrate themselves into society.

The Youth Workers, Village Director, Social Worker and other co-workers will effectively meet the physical, mental, social and psychological needs of the youths through various psychosocial activities. The Youth leader will also organise various sports and recreational activities for the youth. They will also receive organised mentoring in different subjects of life.

All funds donated to SOS Village have seen children’s needs met and enabled them to realise their potential. The village boasts 78 boys and girls in colleges and universities and 350 young adults gainfully employed.

Amongst those who left SOS care, became a dentist, attorney, mechanical engineer, property developer, teachers, police officers, and many in hospitality and construction industry.

Final Thoughts

The plight of the orphans and vulnerable youth of Botswana can only be addressed by SOS Children’s Villages with the help and support of various partners. SOS Children’s Villages Botswana therefore calls upon businesses, individuals, organisations, entities and funders to lend a hand in building a future for Botswana’s youth.

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