Skyhook Bitcoin ATM

The Bitcoin ATM market is awash with startups.

By our count there are well over half-a-dozen companies making Bitcoin ATMs globally.

Some machines are two-way (Bitcoin for cash and vice-versa). Others simply dispense Bitcoin.

They are being manufactured all over the world by various startups, in various ways.

A new entrant with a particularly interesting take on the Bitcoin ATM concept is Skyhook.

They’ve tried their best to keep a low profile. Bitcoin startups sometimes have trouble bringing products to market. They wanted to make sure they could deliver as promised.

Despite attempts to fly under the radar, we at iCE3X have snuffed them out.

We are big fans of innovative new products and services in the space. What Skyhook has created certainly falls into that category.

Skyhook have been hard at work developing their product: preparing for launch and replying to enquiries.

No vacations, no breaks and no days off. By all accounts it has not been easy. Though startups rarely are.

They’re putting the final touches on their ATM. The first run is in limited quantity.

The first 100 people who previously contacted the project have now been given the opportunity to purchase a unit. Once all the necessary paperwork has been completed the orders will be processed manually, until they receive the highest level of verification with Bitpay.

Skyhook would like to thank everyone in the Bitcoin community who has offered support along the way.

They ask clients to be patient as they begin to ship this first large quantity of orders.

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering an ATM contact the company direct.

Skyhook accepts bitcoin payment. Everything, including the hardware, can be modified.

(Please note this is for information purposes only and is not an endorsement of the company or its products. Customers should conduct their own checks before entering any agreements with any companies for any products).

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