A New and Raw Bitcoin Documentary

I am Satoshi is a documentary portraying a montage of bold verbal and graphic assessments. It is dubbed over synched video art to a carefully edited underscore.

Through a strict investigation process, IamSatoshi analyzes the Bitcoin experiment. The focus is on Bitcoin as an innovative open-source protocol for global finance.

The documentary necessarily explores the role of money as a medium of exchange, and society’s perception.

Through this journey we learn about the origin and ethics of Bitcoin’s developers, and explore their wide spectrum of professions, beliefs and social representation.

Fundamentally the documendocumentary1tary aims to uncover how active participants in the ecosystem relate to its ideals.

The filmmaker, Tomer Kantor, has recorded over fifty interviews with financial and industry professionals from five different continents. Topics range from Bitcoin as a currency and technology, to questioning Bitcoin as a self-empowerment tool.

In conjunction with these interviews, new media tools are examined. These include both alternative and mainstream social media platforms; and case studies: Jim Rickards’s – Currency War, Bernard Lietaer’s – New Money For A New World and Bret Scott’s – The Heretic’s Guide To Global Finance.

Framed as an investigative approach, the raw footage successfully explores the myriad ways in which Bitcoin, the cryptographic peer-to-peer network protocol, can challenge existing paradigms by providing an effective alternative.

Over the last twenty years the Internet has been at the heart of global economic innovation. Open-source platforms have changed communications, media, software, education, commerce and retail. Yet, finance has been, hitherto, largely unaffected by this disruption. For a variety of reasons the technology and business models of the legacy financial players have been protected from similar transformations.

IamSatoshi asks whether this same open-source approach in crypto-currencies generally, and Bitcoin specifically, presents an opportunity for the same level of innovation and advancement in terms of currency, trade and payments.


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