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Rebaone Nkuyagae is only 8 years old. He has a terminal disease of the most aggressive kind: Aplastic Anaemia.

His blood has stopped producing red and white blood cells.

He can’t be cured. To add insult to injury, there is no treatment available in his town. Rebaone lives with his single mother. She lost her job, they have no income.

They can barely afford to catch public transport the 200km each fortnight for his treatment. Doctors are trying to keep him stable, while they pray for a suitable bone marrow donor.

But the chance of finding a match is very slim. Doctors have access to the worldwide bone marrow register, but this option is incredibly expensive.

Rebaone and his mother simply can’t afford it. His mother doesn’t receive any support from his dad. There is no income for the pair.

His mom is looking for work, but it’s difficult as she must be absent from work regularly.

Rebaone attends school whenever he can manage it, to maintain some sort of normal life. It is a challenge. It’s very important for Rebaone to eat healthy, to prevent infections.

But his mother can’t afford to buy healthy meals. She is forced to rely on hand-outs.

We have raised R3157.88  since the 28th January 2014 via BTC and LTC.


Contact Details:

Donald Gordon Medical Center – Dr. McKinnon:  +27 (0) 11 356 6115

Chantelle (Social Worker): +27 (0) 11 356 6115

Lerato (Rebaone’s Mother): +27 (0) 83 871 5868


Further Informtion:

This is the letter of diagnosis from Rabaone’s doctor.

All donations are managed by specially appointed trustees.

We maintain close contact with 4 teachers at the School that help to manage affairs.

We first became aware of Reboane in this article.

For further details, contact us direct: +27 (0) 82 470 2950

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