Resource Charity Program – Rebaone Update

Rebaone is part of our Resources charity program.

This brave 8 year old boy has been battling Aplastic Anaemia, an aggressive and terminal disease.

Generous Bitcoin and Litecoin donations from the community have helped ease his pain.

Unfortunately, This Saturday, Rebaone was admitted to hospital, after he suffered a significant injury to the head, while playing soccer at a school soccer field.
A scan was done and nothing serious was discovered, the only threatening issue was a lot of bleeding.

For a child with Aplastic Anaemia this is particularly devastating, as his blood does not congeal properly. His blood has stopped producing red and white blood cells.

His mother Lerato said: “He only complains of headache at times, but nothing serious. I’m glad the incident was a minor one.”

He was discharged earlier today, and the next appointment is scheduled for April 30th, the swelling in his head has to cool down first.
While there is no treatment, we ask members of the community to donate to help ease his suffering.

Doctors are trying to keep him stable, while they pray for a suitable bone marrow donor.

We first learnt of Rebaone’s situation in this article earlier this year. Helping raise money has been a great pleasure for the staff of the ‘Resources’ charity initiative which we oversee.

The Sunflower Fund, an organisation that aims to increase the number of bone-marrow stem-cell donors in South Africa, has urged the public to consider achieving donor status.

This is in the hope of saving the lives of patients like Rebaone and others with similar bone marrow afflictions.

Your Bitcoin and Litecoin donations would be most appreciated. Donate directly to Joba’s fund here. Every little bit helps.

R3157.88 has been raised in Bitcoin and Litecoin donations since the 28th of January, 2014.

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