‘Heartbleed’ Open SSL Issue Does Not Affect iceCUBED


This week an Internet bug called ‘Heartbleed‘ was revealed.

It had the potential to affect everyone that has used the Internet in the last two years.

The bug exposes OpenSSL, a main feature of web encryption. With “Heartbleed” it is possible for anyone to access sensitive data on encrypted sites, all without leaving a trace on the server. Attackers can also access cryptographic keys and passwords, using the info. to decrypt web traffic.

The bug was introduced in the 1.01 version of OpenSSL, released in 2012. For two years attackers could have exploiting the bug to reveal users’ emails and internet activity. There would be no way to know what was compromised.

At iceCUBED we’re extremely security conscious. We would like to assure our customers that our sound security protocol was not compromised.

When we say “trade with piece of mind”, we mean it.

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