Trezor 2018 update

Time flies fast, it seems like just yesterday Trezor released another amazing update for their hardware wallets. Regardless, you have much to look forward to. This new Trezor firmware update is something special. It is a community-driven firmware update. Many of the changes in this package were implemented by external contributors, part of the Trezor Community. Both Trezor models received a firmware update. The Trezor Model T is now on firmware version 2.0.9, and Trezor One ascends to firmware 1.7.1. The new firmware versions are available in the Trezor Beta Wallet.

Trezor Firmware Update

The Trezor Model T now supports new coins that many of you have been waiting for.

Trezor One now supports WebUSB, a new communication protocol.

  • Coin support has expanded also.
  • With community-driven development in practice; the coin-developers work on the Trezor integration, and SatoshiLabs’ experts’ review, test, and optimize the code.

“With Trezor Model T, we have decided to redesign a lot of stuff completely from scratch. One of these changes was to have business logic code written in Python, language most developers are familiar with, instead of embedded C used for the original Trezor model. There is no better proof that this was a great decision than looking at the massive community contributions that have landed into the latest Trezor Model T firmware.” — Stick, SatoshiLabs CTO

Trezor Model T Version 2.0.9

Added support for Monero, Cardano, Stellar, Ripple, Tezos, Decred, Groestlcoin, Lisk, Zencash, and Zcash Sapling hard fork.

You heard it. The new Trezor firmware update now supports all of these coins. With this in mind, almost nothing stands in the way of developers of these respective cryptocurrencies. Or other third-party developers to implement Trezor integrations with their wallets. Be that as it may, some of them already have! Let’s take a closer look at the added coins:

  • MoneroKudos an external contributor, Dusan Klinec, who has done a large part of the work. The new firmware now supports Monero. Now, Trezor is waiting for the Monero developers to release an update for their Monero Wallet. Once it happens, the users will be able to use Monero and Trezor with monero-wallet-cli and later through monero-wallet-gui.
  • Cardano — External contributors Juraj Muravsky and Dusan Plavak have been hard at work, and Cardano is now supported with the newest firmware. Also, VacuumLabs developed the AdaLite wallet which is now compatible with Trezor.
  • Stellar — Because of the efforts of ZuluCrypto, Stellar can be used via Stellar Account Viewer.

The new Trezor firmware update supports the following coins, and they are currently waiting for a third-party integration. For the purpose of clarity, the names in brackets are the developers who made it happen:

  • Ripple
  • Tezos (Adrian Matejov)
  • Decred (Matheus Degiovani)
  • Groestlcoin (Yura Pakhuchiy)
  • Zencash (idimon4uk)
  • Lisk (Aleksey Popov)

On top of all these new coins and thousands of other small improvements across the board, Zcash sapling hard fork support, as well as a seedless mode, have been added.

Trezor One Version 1.7.1

The original Trezor hardware wallet, the Trezor One, has new features in store for its users also. The firmware version 1.7.1 adds WebUSB support for both Trezor Wallet and Trezor Password Manager (TPM).

These changes allow Google Chrome users to connect to Trezor Wallet and TPM directly, without the use of the Trezor Bridge. In fact, with correct cables, you can use your Trezor One with your Android mobile device or Chromebook.

In addition, with this new Trezor firmware update, Trezor One now supports Lisk and Stellar. Just like the Trezor Model T, Zcash sapling hard fork on Beta Wallet and seedless mode are now supported.

P.S. Digibyte in Trezor Beta Wallet

If you are a Digibyte fan, you will be happy to know that starting today, you will no longer need to manually enter a DGB backend server as a custom server for Trezor Wallet support. Trezor Wallets now support Digibyte Coins! They are accessible from the drop-down menu.

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