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NEO Overview

NEO a major hard fork of the core version of Bitcoin which split in the middle of 2017, designed to be used as an easier payment currency. Before get delving into Neo, read the following very carefully! The cryptocurrency market is full of coins. Top research companies claim that 90% of the coins out there are fake, a scam or a Ponzi. More accurately a scheme that will take your money and return nothing. Furthermore, the coin goes to dust and you are now holding a bag of nothing. We at iCE3X take care of this and we list only selected cryptocurrencies. We analyze, we check, we wait and whenever we can confirm a coin will add value to the ecosystem we enable the trading pair.

NEO is the only major cryptocurrency that allows only a whole number when you send or receive). That’s right, you can only transfer a whole NEO or multiples thereof.

The NEO currency token is NEO (NEO | N )

What is NEO?

  1. NEO the Token

    NEO is a cryptocurrency token which uses a delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus protocol to allow a huge number of transactions per second. NEO tokens with the symbol (NEO) can be traded against many crypto and FIAT currencies across the globe. In particular South Africans can trade NEO locally on

  2. Why Neo?

    The development environment for NEO is one of its big features using a customized and secure virtual compiler which support the popular languages such as Javascript, Python, C# and more.

  3. Who created NEO ?

    Neo was originally a token called AntShares which was developed by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. It was rebranded to NEO in 2017.

How to trade NEO Tokens

  1. Where can you Trade, Buy and Sell NEO

    The beauty of the internet and internet currency is that you can trade the markets all the time 24/7 365 days of the year. Buying or Selling NEO is very easy and simple on the iceCUBED Exchange. Simply select the NEO/BTC trading pair and place your BUY and SELL orders.

  2. How to store NEO Tokens in South Africa

    The best way to store Monero is by using a trusted non-custodial wallet. This way, you and you only have control over your coins and they can not be hacked or scammed. Never store your coins on an exchange or web-based wallet where you do not control the private keys. Only keep coins on an exchange that you intend to trade with, there is no reason not to.

  3. How much do NEO Tokens Cost ?

    Trading NEO Tokens like a commodity is very much the same as trading gold, the difference being, NEO Tokens in this instance are like digital gold. Just like gold is traded on stock markets all over the world, NEO can also be traded on exchanges all over the world. The price at which NEO is trading is purely down to supply and demand. We do not get involved in any trading (i.e. We do not sell or buy on the exchange). The local market price for NEO in South Africa is down to the users trading on the exchange.

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