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Neo has had some rough patches recently and in August reached a peak above +/- R760.00 and since then it has followed a downtrend again. Let us have a look at some Neo news and other related information.

Neo Potential, the only way to go is up. As per recent Neo news and price analysis, it has gone down however now is the time to buy when the price is low.

Neo News

On September 9th NEL and NGD hosted their third NEO blockchain open class in Shanghai. It is an education program which aims to advance technical skills. Furthermore, the purpose of the program is to meet the needs of developers (beginners to advanced) who endeavour to improve their skills in a fast efficient way.

What is Neo’s potential?

According to Market Gap Neo is still on the list of the top rank of 15 cryptos. However, saying that NEO is a lesser crypto might not do the coin justice. Neo has a variety of high-quality decentralized apps (dApps). Neo’s team uses the strategy of community outreach to enhance NEO’s development by having worldwide meetups.

NEO is a blockchain project “that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.”

Moreover, NEO has the potential to become one of the top 5 cryptos on Market gap by the year 2020.

The Chinese Ministry of Information made the following judgment:

NEO was recently ranked as the number 4 regarding usability and appropriateness when it comes to supporting applications of the real life.

Price analysis for Neo?

Neo’s first listed price was around R2.61 (Indexed) in November 2016, which has risen about 30,870% since and traded at R662.89 during June.  On 14/01/2018 NEO was trading as high as R2242.28 (Indexed). The current price for Neo at the time of writing is R294.06 on the cryptocurrency exchange iCE3X.

Why is it the best time to buy Neo now?

Your best bet to step into the Crypto World now is to buy NEO while the price is low. In life everything that goes down has to go up, this is not any different for the cryptocurrency. How long can it take for NEO to go up?  In the first place, nobody can forecast when that is going to happen, however, let us not anticipate… let us rather wait for when the rubber meets the road!

Neo to Rand

As of the time of writing the Neo to Rand value on cryptocurrency exchange iCE3X is R294.06. You can buy, sell and trade Neo securely on the iCE3X trading platform, which is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange SINCE 2013.

Neo to BTC

As of the time of writing the NEO to BTC value on cryptocurrency exchange iCE3X is 0.0029. You can buy, sell and trade NEO securely on the iCE3X trading platform, which is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange SINCE 2013.

In conclusion, as stated above Neo does have a lot of potential. This is not to say that this crypto is only focusing on the Chinese market. However, Neo is making a great effort to expand and to provide services to everybody willing to accept it. It is your best bet to step in the crypto world and offers a lot more than just a platform.

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