We at iceCUBED are proud as punch to announce that we have been integrated into the Mondome platform.

Mondome is a site dedicated to helping users find competitive remittance flows. With a primary focus on Latin-America, iceCUBED is the first Africa based exchange to be added to the Mondome platform. We were specifically prioritised based on ease-of-use and signup for people in the South Africa community.

Mondome is the brainchild of developer, technologist, Bitcoin enthusiast and friend Pelle Braendgaard. The platform itself is inviting and very user friendly. This is in line with Mondome’s goal of bringing the benefits of Bitcoin for remittances to non-technical people in immigrant populations around the world.


mondome screenCapture


A user landing on the Mondome site simply inputs the origin and destination countries and the amount for remittance. Mondome then provides a dynamic list of remittance opportunities using existing Bitcoin companies and exchanges in the relevant countries.

The platform is being constantly developed and improved. For example, a new feature called ‘Remittances bargains’ allows users to find remittance flows that let them earn money. This turns the whole principle of remittances on its head by making the cost of sending money negative. It also provides an opportunity for new users benefit themselves during the process of sending money.

In order to compete against top money transmitters like Western Union, Mondome plans to continue adding global exchanges. The site will also continue to integrate additional useful features and has already expanded its English version to North America and Europe. Mondome also has plans to add support for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple.

If you or anyone you know regularly remits fund internationally, to or from South Africa, introduce them to Mondome. It is an alternative that just may provide them with many benefits and opportunities.

As always, our support staff are here to answer any questions you may have about using Bitcoin and iceCUBED for remittance. We look forward to hearing from you.

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