Living in a Bubble Below are the thoughts and musing of Suzette Kotze: Animal Warrior. Suzette fights gloriously for the rights and safety of animals in South Africa. You can read more about her SPCA and activities here. “We cook animals alive: dogs, cats, lobsters, turtles and anything. We don’t care.

We skin animals alive: foxes, wolves, dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes and alligators for their fur, fashion and leather industries. We worship the celebrities on the red carpet who wear these blood products.

We want to be just like them because we falsely believe in this marketed image of human perfection. We engage in dog fighting, cock fighting, bull fighting, stallion fighting, boar baiting and bear baiting. We like to be entertained! The bloodier the better. We starve animals to death. Many of these animals are our pets.

We chain animals to make them obey, it’s best to start when they are young and defenceless. Fear is such a great motivator. This sweet pup was rescued from a dog fighting gang.

We use animals for depraved entertainment like kangeroo and monkey boxing, donkey basketball, elephant polo, road side zoos, marine parks for captive whales and dolphins, petting zoos for lions and tiger cubs and cowboy rodeos for men and women who have no compassion and caring.

We teach children that it’s fun to engage in pig, rabbit and chicken scrambles at fairs. We put live snakes in bottles to make snake wine. We attend a circus when we know that the animals are trained by brutal, ignorant people with punishment, fear and torture.

We chain dogs outside, through winter and summer, without adequate care. We engage in trophy hunting (often of endangered species) and canned big cat hunting.

So very proud of themselves: big, brave men. We leave dogs (kids too) in hot cars to die a horrific death. We tolerate cat, rabbit and puppy mills where animals are subject to unimaginable brutality. We buy animals from stores who source their stock from animal mills.

We discard race horses and grey hounds who are no longer winning and pets who have displeased us. They have ceased to have any value. When animals become an inconvenience or a financial burden to humans, we don’t look for solutions, we don’t ask how we contributed  to the problem, we just kill them.

So we organise hunting parties, culls, aerial round ups and trapping lines. Armed with our moral indignation we slaughter creatures who we have determined are unnecessary.

Governments are complicit, even encouraging this carnage when they allow wolf trapping, horse round ups, badger culls, bird culls and bear hunting. Self-satisfied politicians smile for the photo-op, the problem has gone away. Aren’t I special? Now remember me at election time! We are not enraged by animal “crush” photographs and videos.

This is someone’s daughter or sister, probably a teen-ager. Small animals such as kittens and rabbits are considered a soft crush, whereas a large dog is a hard crush. The resulting videos are shared and sold online. Where are her parents? We do not demand strong laws to protect animals. Every animal abuser should be subject to this formula: FIND – NAME – SHAME – FINE – JAIL.

We do not believe that animals have rights. We perform cruel, completely unnecessary animal experiments for the beauty industry, the military complex, big drug companies, the sports industry, universities and cleaning product companies. We look the other way as massive livestock ships leave ports on 30 to 40 days journeys across rough seas.

This animal, a living being coated in excrement, will then be slaughtered in some mind-numbing way by brutal, ignorant people. We look away from an ever-increasing form of grotesque animal brutality. We use culture and tradition as a ready excuses to justify our appalling behaviour.

We say that ‘God’ wants us to sacrifice animals to appease him. We use terms like ‘humane slaughter’ to sugar coat our killing. We brand animals (wild and domestic). We cut off the genitals and tails of piglets with no pain medication. We don’t want them to inconvenience us. We de-horn cows and goats just as readily.

Imagine someone grabbing the hand of your little boy and cutting off his pinkie finger! We toss living male chicks onto assembly line grinders and they have no value. We support factory farming because we believe that killing animals is our right.

We want to produce animals cheaply and conveniently and then kill them as quickly as possibly behind closed doors. Time is money. Why do you think that Big Ag doesn’t want the public to see what they really do. These animals have only been stunned and they are still alive. Prior to arriving here they have been driven down kill shutes with electric prods or clubs.

They see and hear the animals in front of them as they are ‘processed’. If you say: “I’m only one person, I can’t help”, then climb back into your bubble and stay there. You may never change. That’s your choice. If you’ve read this list of the things that people are doing to animals, and claim that you can’t help in any way, you are content living in a bubble.

It’s best that you stay out of the way of those who have awakened to the incredible difference that one determined person can make! If knowing that we slaughter billions of animals every year doesn’t matter to you then go back to sleep. It is 2014, animal cruelty and the tyranny of animal exploitation and suffering is unprecedented.

If you do care then pick a cause, awaken your passion, get involved, stand up, speak out, talk about what you have learned and say…”ENOUGH!” Consider donating Bitcoin and Litecoin to Suzette’s SPCA. It’s a very worthy cause. For Bitcoin and Litecoin please go here.

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