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With the Lightning Network growing in popularity by the day, we are releasing a set of Lightning Network Games on iCE3X! Now everyone is able to play games while trying out the Bitcoin Lightning Network!

Lightning Network Games?

If you’re wondering what a Lightning Network game is, you’re not alone. The lightning network is still new but has been seeing rapid developments over time. Games on the lightning network let you send Satoshis to the game wallet so that you can play! Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, also got involved with the Lightning Network recently in February of 2019 as he joined the #LNTrustChain!

Many Lightning Network games offer gambling games, where someone wins a large value and everyone else loses. We have decided to use games that are less money oriented and more fun. In our games, your score earns you satoshis so make sure to get your aim down!

We believe that the Bitcoin Lightning Network drastically reduces barriers of entry for gamers and game developers looking for a permissionless payment network that supports instant, low-cost micro-transactions,

Koala Studios

How Do I Play?

Playing games on the lightning network is easy! In order to use the lightning network, you’ll need to get yourself a Lightning Wallet. If you’re on iOS or Android, we’d recommend using BlueWallet as you’re ready to start transacting as soon as you download the app!

All you have to do once you’ve downloaded BlueWallet is click the ‘Receive’ button, and send the invoice for however many satoshis to a friend. If you’ve already got Bitcoins, you can send the satoshis from your main wallet to your Lightning Wallet and start playing straight away!

We have a video demonstrating all the steps required to start playing games on iCE3X below:

What other lightning network games do you want to see next on iCE3X? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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