Kryptokit Wallet Review

Kryptokit Wallet Review

Kryptokit is a light wallet that sits as a Chrome browser extension.

A light wallet is one that downloads instantly because it does not need to download the blockchain (the 15gb history of every Bitcoin transaction).

Kryptokit downloads instantly and is easy to use for shopping on-line. This is because, as a Chrome browser extension, it sits in your face, as you’re shopping.

It automatically detects all Bitcoin addresses on the page you’re visiting. This allows for one-click payments, without need to copy and past long bitcoin addresses or move off the shopping page.


You can set a password. It also lets you backup your wallet to a file or a ‘brain-wallet’. The wallet is an attempt to make shopping with Bitcoin simple.

The desktop browser is still popular for people to do their shopping, especially for the holidays. We at iceCUBED tried out the wallet and found it to be a very cool app. We would certainly not store any great amount of Bitcoin in the wallet. However, for shopping, it is incredibly convenient.

It has some other cool features too. If you’re going to shop using the wallet you’ll need to know where.

So, there is a built in directory of online stores that accept Bitcoin. You can also navigate to the latest digital currency news directly inside the app. And, you can donate to charities that are listed, again, directly in the wallet.

We at iceCUBED will have our own charity initiative: ‘Resources’ listed soon. Overall Kryptokit is a neat concept, well executed, that promises to make Bitcoin that little bit easier to use online. Download it here, for your Chrome browser, and try it out.

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