We could not resist doing a piece about JAWBONE – best known for it’s Bluetooth-equipped headsets and portable speakers. Today, the firm is developing plans for a range of wearable smart devices that operate on a single software platform, or “body-area network”.

The latest in Jawbone’s line up is an activity-tracking bracelet that they have called Up 3. Up 3 is the company’s first product that incorporates biometric sensors, embedded through the utilisation of a proprietary bio impedance technology.


One of the company’s most ardent supporters – Mr Marc Andreessen the co-author of the browser, Mosaic, predicts that Jawbone’s name will shortly rival the reputation of Sony.

It’s early days but once embedded, the sensor can track all sorts of things about the wearer’s body, including data about heart rate, skin temperature and respiration rate.

_78779186_f095bd04-e501-43fd-a86c-5b0a8c887a9eWhat is certain, is that many people regard wearables, and particularly medical wearables, as a goldmine. Jawbone merged with a company called BodyMedia last year, meaning that it now possess over 300 patents in the field.



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