Bitcoin Women's Day

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic number of milestones achieved by the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. People from all over the world, both male and female, have made ground-breaking innovations in the industry. In the spirit of international women’s day, we’ve decided to show just how amazing you all are.

Women and Cryptocurrency

Fault statistics aside, recent research has shown us that of all the people currently active in the crypto and blockchain space, only around 5% of these people are female. Who would have thought, that a tech-oriented, coding world such as the cryptocurrency space would have a majority of males? Yeah, it’s no surprise the only time you hear about women and cryptocurrency is women’s day. The industry is highly saturated with males. Thus, the fact that women don’t feel as confident to enter this amazing industry doesn’t exactly set a positive precedent for this ‘disruptive’ technology.

This large gap in diversity makes plenty of sense for the crypto space. After all, women take up a whopping 75% of all of the world’s purchasing choices. Women have been proven to be the greater consumer-based activists throughout the ages.

In light of this, pushing for more inclusion of women into the crypto industry could pose to be a great help, positively transforming the crypto landscape.

An interesting revelation that came out of this wave of research studies finds that in certain situations, women actually make for much better cryptocurrency traders.

A Mother Knows Best

According to a report by BuySellHodl (A cryptocurrency prediction app); women seem to have far better intuition as to when Bitcoin is set to rise or fall. After a series of matches on BuySellHodl; it was found that the first and the biggest winners were in fact, women.

A more significant statistic found during this case study was the fact that women’s prediction rates were higher than men on average. Women were able to make correct bitcoin predictions 58% of the times they made estimations. Men on the other hand only had a success rate of 51%. This is a contrast to the 9% of men who said the same about themselves.

Stronger Bullish Sentiment in Women than Men

In a test to see who would give someone a recommendation to buy Bitcoin, women came out on top once again. Women lead by 7% as 68% of women were more likely to recommend someone to buy bitcoin. Men were slightly more skeptical, with only 61% recommending bitcoin to friends and family. On average, they placed an end of price prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019 at $8,389.

When looking at women already involved in the crypto space, most of them identified Bitcoin (BTC) as their cryptocurrency of choice. 61% of females chose BTC as their currency of choice. Men, on the other hand, had their eyes set on a wider range of cryptocurrencies. Only 48% of men listed Bitcoin as being in their top 3 cryptocurrencies. The rest had various altcoins on their radar.

There are a plethora of women with deep involvement in the cryptocurrency space. Many of them are already working to level out the playing field. All while inspiring other women to take the leap and enter the crypto space. These more savvy and adaptable women are clear proof that they are a crucial addition to a male-heavy industry.

Crypto Super Women

In the spirit of women’s day, we will talk about a few ‘Crypto Super Women’ in the industry. If anyone was going to even out the playing field, leading more women into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, it’d most likely be Perianne Boring. Despite her surname, she is a dedicated advocate for getting women more involved in crypto and blockchain tech.

Boring is currently working as President and Founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. She founded a leadership team with an interesting ratio of male to female members (split 50-50). This is a very interesting initiative we will see evolve as time goes by.

In addition to Perianne Boring, we also have the proverbial vanguard of this revolution. This is Amber Baldet, the former executive of the Blockchain Center of Excellence within JP Morgan. Rather than sticking with the multinational financial institution, she moved on, forging her own path with a crypto-based venture of her own called Clovyr.

Much like her counterpart, Perianne, Amber has managed to earn a much-appreciated rep as a highly empowering individual. She encourages her female peers to step into the cryptocurrency space also. She states:

Many projects welcome women with open arms, but repeatedly positioning the entire space as unwelcoming causes a negative feedback loop that dissuades people from getting involved.

Women’s Day

The cryptocurrency space definitely has room to improve. As today is International Women’s Day; I thought it’d be best to shed light on a topic that could be the answer. The empowerment of any minority groups in any industry is always a key method of bettering the industry, making it more dynamic.

IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity

Will this year’s international women’s day help to inspire more women to step into the cryptocurrency industry? After all, there is no set rule that says only men can learn about cryptocurrency and invest. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and of course, Happy International Women’s day!

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