After you have signed up you can log-in to your iceCUBED account and immediately make deposits.

At the same time, after sign-up, staff on our side will be reviewing your account information.

Once reviewed we will enable trading. This will usually take about 2 – 6 hours.

You will receive an email to confirm that trading is enabled. You are now free to trade!


How to Verify Your ID

In fact, at this point, the only thing you can’t do is withdraw funds.

To withdraw funds from your iceCUBED account you will need to be ID verified. To do this:

Step 1. Log-in, click the ‘Account’ tab. Then click ‘Profile’. Make sure your profile is complete.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Feedback & Support’ tab at the bottom of the page.

Verfication 1



Send us a message with attached:

i) Copy of your ID document or passport.

ii) Copy of a recent bank statement (showing your address, account number and branch code).

Verfication 2

We have to wait on confirmations from different agencies.

So, this process can take up to 6 hours. It is usually quicker.

You can check the status of your verification at any time by logging-in, click the ‘Account’ tab, then clicking ‘Overview’.


You now have full functionality! You are free to do everything (deposit funds, trade and withdraw).

If you have any questions throughout, our local support staff are available. Click the ‘Support & Feedback’ button to ask anything.

Why Must I Verify My ID Like This?

It’s a good question.

Automatic ID verification is too strict. Data held with credit and government agencies are not up-to-date.

As a result our staff process applications manually, to ensure satisfaction.