Charity Program

Charity Program – ‘Resources’

Bitcoin has a lot of potential to help charities. For the first time in history people can send micro-donations from anywhere in the world directly to an organisation.

There is no middle-man and no overheads. This has extraordinary potential to help people’s lives. At the same time, awareness of Bitcoin in Africa is still quite low.

So, at the beginning of this year, we launched a program that would showcase Bitcoin’s potential. The ‘Resources’ initiative was born.


By supporting local community organisations our goal was always to do good work for the community and help Bitcoin reach its full potential.

African community and charity organisations struggling to survive came to us. After careful background checks, we introduced them to the potential of Bitcoin.

Since then we have managed to raise significant funds for a local South African SPCA and a terminally ill 8-year old boy.

We have only acted as a platform. Charities are given a wallet, zero-fee account and a blogging voice to communicate with the world. They have collected donations directly from a generous international community.

Organisations have been genuinely excited by the opportunity to take donations from all over the world, at zero cost. We have had many more applications since launching the program. They are now under review.

Our accountants are conducting their vigorous checks, to ensure the integrity of the program.

By adapting their outlook to the digital age we will continue to help charities increase their reach.

We would like to thank everyone for their kind support.

We are building community acceptance of this technology, through this philanthropy program. At the same time we are succesfully helping worthy causes maintain their beneficial operations and survive. We can not do it without you.

Please do consider donating Bitcoin and Litecoin to these charitable causes. Every little bit helps.

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