ice3x black friday 2017

iCE3 Black Friday Deal for Traders!

Happy Black Friday all! We thought we would let you all in on the iCE3 Black Friday deal this year, so read on to find out more!

Black Friday seems to have come out of nowhere and is now a worldwide tradition. It all started out as an online discount on electronics but has morphed into a global phenomenon. Only the traditional Christmas sales period generates more revenue than Black Friday. Well this year we are joining in with our own iCE3 black Friday Weekend Trading Fee Discount!

Everybody likes a good bargain or a discount, that’s why the iCE3 team have decided to take part in the Black Friday festivities and offer a 60% discount on all trading fees for the whole weekend! 

What do you have to do?

If you are an iCE3 user, all you have to do is tweet your affiliate link/ID (24th November) or share via facebook. You will receive 60% discount on all advertised trading fees for the whole weekend on all trading pairs! If we do not spot the link or tweet, please get in touch with the helpdesk directly to add a trading fee discount plan to your account. 

Make sure you get in on the iCE3 Black Friday action. Share your link with friends and colleagues to take advantage of this and get a 60% reduction on all your trading fees. The iCE3 Black Friday Weekend is a great time to start investing in Crypto Currency and is the perfect opportunity to start your bitcoin, litecoin or ether portfolio.

Remember to tag @iCE3 in your tweet or facebook post so we can verify you as a user!  Yes, you read that right, it really is that simple!

So get sharing, and get trading!

If you would like to register to trade with iCE3 – click here.


Applying for the 60% ice3x Black Friday trading fee discount will automatically cancel any other trading fee discount plan active on your account

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