ICE3X Airbitz Wallet Partnership

ICE3X Airbitz Wallet Partnership – Press Release

We’re pleased and proud to announce our ICE3X Airbitz Wallet Partnership.

Airbitz is an independent service. This partnership will lead to some exciting products in the future.

More details about the products we’re working will follow these coming months.

Our CEO Gareth Grobler had this to say about the collaboration with Airbitz:

I have come across enough bitcoin companies, wallets and pretty much anything else you can think of in the bitcoin space,  to know that Airbitz is one of the most reputable, ethical and simply “likeable” companies around. Paul heads up a team of Silicon Valley’s best, which is why I am happy to personally recommend the Airbitz app to all our customers at iceCUBED-X. – Gareth Grobler, Founder & CEO, ICE³X.

Airbitz is not a managed wallet. You control your funds. Airbitz does not take custodial control.

Further, with your email address, if you lose funds you can get them back. In this way it is the best of both worlds.

By taking the risk of loss or theft out of the picture, you can feel more secure with storing your bitcoin funds. Airbitz uses the latest encryption tools and technology to make sure your funds are kept secure.

It is also extremely user friendly and has some really neat advanced features. This gives advanced cryptographic control to any user, regardless of their technical abilities.

Thanks Airbitz. It’s a great wallet product and service.

If you are in South Africa and click buy bitcoin inside your Airbitz wallet, it will take you to iceCUBEDX trading page. From there you can buy bitcoins and load up your Airbitz third party wallet.

For now, we recommend you download the Airbitz Wallet here. If you’re in South Africa you will have the option to buy bitcoin directly from iceCUBEDX.

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