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iCE3X affiliate marketing could help you earn more. We have an amazing affiliate program which allows you to earn crypto and fiat from anyone you register. Although this program is great with the best rates in the industry, not everyone can be an iCE3X affiliate marketing guru from the get-go. We have put together a list of tips for iCE3X affiliate marketing to help you maximize your returns from the affiliate program.

Tip 1: Choose a Niche

We recommend that you focus your affiliate marketing on one target audience, like mining or trading. When you write for that specific niche, it means that all the content will be relevant to them and you will get more engaged and returning views. This is a great way to build an audience who will keep checking your content. The more engaged they will be will mean that they are more likely to trade often as well, which will help beef up your profits.

Tip 2: Add Value to the Community

Your audience will be more engaged if you can provide them with value. When you finish some content, take a long look at it again. Would you read this if this was out in the wild and you opened it? If the answer is yes then you are on the right track. You need to be able to offer something to your audience. You can offer your expertise on a topic, review a service or summarise the most pertinent news. This is the sort of value which will keep your audience coming back for more.

Tip 3: Stay Current and Provide Up-to-date Content

Stay current with the trends and news in the world of crypto. The most relevant content is normally about these newest developments so keep up to date. This could mean updating some of your older content if necessary. For example, Cryptowisser were attentive enough to update their review of our exchange. This is the kind of attention to detail which gets an audience talking. It’s definitely working because we are talking about them now!

Using the iCE3X Affiliate Program

All of these affiliate marketing tips will help you grow an audience and you can benefit using the iCE3X affiliate program. Be sure to use your unique affiliate code that is included with every account to offer registrations to your audience. For anyone who signs up using your code, you will get a percentage of the commission earnt for all of their trades, forever. The more you register, the more accounts you will earn commission for. The more they trade, the more you earn as well. What are you waiting for?

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Disclaimer Notice:

This article is intended to educate and should in no way be seen as investment advice or an enticement to use the platform. Bitcoin is highly volatile with big profit opportunities but you should also remember that you could lose part or all of your investment whenever you take part in any high risk investment. Bitcoin trading is not a regulated industry in South Africa, which in itself carries additional risks. IF YOU ARE NOT AN ASTUTE BITCOIN TRADER, SEEK INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENTS.