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Buy ether tokens in South Africa now easier than ever.

How to buy ether tokens in South Africa? You think is hard, or even you dare to say it’s not possible. Now give me the opportunity to prove you wrong. Read the next sentences and be shocked.

Up until just recently, there was no way to buy ethereum with ZAR directly from your South African bank account. So this begs the question: how do we buy ether tokens in South Africa?

Essentially there are two ways to buy ether tokens in South Africa. The first method is extremely time consuming (we will be looking at this process first) but thanks to ice3x.co.za  it is no longer needed.

For a while, South Africans looking to buy ether tokens had only one option. This was because most cryptocurrency systems were incompatible with SA bank accounts. The only option was to go through systems like Luno and Kraker.

How to buy ether tokens Option 1:

This, however, called for a very time-consuming process, where you would first have to create an account on Luno and buy bitcoin there. Secondly, you’d have to create an account on Kraker and transfer bitcoin from your Luno wallet. After transferring bitcoin to your Kraker account you would then be able to buy ether. This was, however, a difficult process to understand and complete. (See ethereumzar.com for more information on this method.)

How to buy ether tokens Option 2:

Luckily, that is no longer the case. Thanks to ice3x.com (South Africa’s first ethereum exchange) we South Africans can now buy both ether tokens and bitcoin with ZAR. Ice3x is a registered South African company which sells not only bitcoin but also ethereum (ether tokens).

Furthermore, because Ice3x is a South African based company you are able to buy both ether and bitcoin using your South African bank account. Ice3x allows you to buy ether tokens through a simple EFT. The other option that you have is to buy bitcoins and then purchase your ether tokens with bitcoin.

How does it work?

Ice3x.co.za has simplified the process of buying ether tokens immensely. They have done this by creating their own market of  ZAR/ETH  (Rand to ethereum). Therefore, if you want to buy ether on all you have to do is make an EFT deposit from your bank account into you ice3x wallet. Then with the money you deposited, you can buy either ethereum or bitcoin. Furthermore, you can also sell your ether tokens for ZAR and deposit it back into your bank account ready for withdrawal. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world and have a few rands to invest, Ice3x is the only exchange that allows you to purchase with Rand.

It is indeed easy to trade ethereum to rand. Just check https://ice3x.com and register there. Verify your account and you are good to go. Easy-pease. Trey and get back to comment your experience with us.

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