A Review of the Hive Bitcoin Wallet

The Hive wallet aims to be a fast, easy and safe way to use and store your Bitcoins. It is made specifically for Mac users and the OSX operating system. Hive has some unique features. These include:

  1. A contacts list.
  2. Hive app store built directly into the wallet.
  3. Quick installation and set-up.
  4. Dropbox and time machine backup integration.

Hive’s aims to build a wallet that is well-designed and mainstream accessible. Mission accomplished!

The Hive wallet is un-intimidating: Easily the most accessible product on the market. The set-up process is a dream. It is immediately obvious that this wallet is for your mum or less tech. savvy friends.grabhive-300x185

The integration with time-machine is part of the install process. It is a stroke of genius. This is a truly practical and intuitive approach to security.

The software has been designed with beauty and ease-of-use in mind. If the intention is to promote Bitcoin to new, non-technical users, a design is key.

The Hive wallet looks gorgeous, modern and at home on your Mac. Apple is famous for elegance. Hive has adopted that ethos.

It is likely that Hive will be enhanced to support litecoin in the near future. As the supporting back-end infrastructure for Litecoin is built-out.

Hive’s in-wallet app store is a particularly interesting feature. It represents a re-imagining of the Bitcoin wallet: functioning more like a web-browser.

Through the internal app store users can buy Bitcoin, play games, donate to charity, etc., without having the leave the wallet itself.

Hive has over 10,000 downloads. The below is an interview with Hive’s lead developer, Wendell Davis:

(This article is opinion based and should not be viewed as an endorsement of Hive. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds in this service).

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