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We live in a world where we have our surroundings, companies and more importantly our families. Like everyone else, their opinion matters to us. When it comes to cryptocurrency there are so many floating pieces of information, either on the internet, radio or even on the TV. Nonetheless, most of them are negative, saying that cryptocurrency is something that will make you broke. In this article, I will try to share with you this side of our cryptocurrency world, and in fact, what it makes our families think about it.

The Evil – Cryptocurrency

Why is it Evil? It’s simple, because of the people! And why is the reason because of the people? Because people are greedy! What I want to say is, people, want to get rich quickly and retire early. They want to do nothing all day and have unlimited money until they die. Yes, we all know (including you there reading this article) that this is possible with cryptocurrency. More so, specifically with bitcoin. We all know where bitcoin started – less than a dollar per piece. Also, we know the highest peak – 20k+ dollars.

If you want, I can give you another example, without stretching the timeframe so much – ethereum. 2016 – 6 dollars. 2017 end – 1200 dollars.

Hello, Darkness my old friend!

You see what I am trying to say, don’t you? Yes! Quick money!

emoji with a dollar sign

Many people have burned and lost their money. Many have lost their houses among other things. That’s why they see cryptocurrency as Evil. Or this is what they say! People tend to remember the bad more than the good. It causes them to feel bad and it can last a lifetime.

Won more than lost, yet it is not accepted?

Even though we know many people lost money (for now) as they invested exactly at the end of December 2017 and first months of 2018, it is proven that whoever invested some other time, can still make more income nowadays. Then, why it is still not accepted as a good thing. It’s because of people again.

What they do not understand – they hate or they refuse.

There is also a third reason that I have read here and there on forums and it is the hatred from those that did not have big enough balls to invest earlier and it is easier for them to hate and reject it rather than learn, educate themselves and smartly invest. Not to mention the group of people that exist, who want to invest, but they don’t have money and they hate the family members who could.

I’m currently wondering, did you already find yourself already in my examples?

I know that you have tried to explain how cryptocurrency works to your family. I believe you have tried to give examples and you got responses like “it’s not real/physical”, “so what” and etc. And then you just give up, keep it to yourself and move on. Let me share some smart words that our Father, Satoshi Nakamoto, said:

If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry!

So, tell me, why do you try to convince someone who is already against it, even before listening to an explanation, or trying to understand it? Move on, be a proud HODLer and investor and when you get wealthy, your actions will talk, not your words.

We have a really good dedicated article about bitcoin and that is 21st Century’s wealth creation mechanism! Read it for a more convenient and detailed explanation about the future.


I said it in a few of my own words. But, here are a few screenshots from people’s actual opinion in the wild as well.

mjglqw said:


meanwords who I assume was rejected by his family sadly added:


Not all is bad, there is also balancing, more of a concerned family. It’s good, we love to see support from our loved ones like with christian07


And the list of different opinions is huge.


We, at iCE3X, are driven by heart. We believe that our hearts are righteous. That’s why we like to say:

Do what your heart says is right!

What is your situation? Do you have your family’s support or they reject cryptocurrency and you are doing it all by yourself?



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