Facebook Drones and Internet Reach

Facebook is hoping to acquire a leading drone manufacturer. The intention is to use the drones to deliver internet to isolated parts of the globe, including parts of Africa. Internet access is available to about 30% of the global population at present. Facebook hopes to get that figure a lot closer to capacity.

The high-altitude drones, flying to almost 70,000ft, offer a unique solution to achieving this goal. The drones will have to be modified to beam internet to the most isolated parts of the globe.

Facebook aims to use some 11,000 drones to achieve this. The concept is reminiscent of Google’s ‘Project Loon‘: aiming to use stratospheric balloons to form a network and provide internet to remote areas.

What does this all have to do with Bitcoin? Plenty! While Bitcoins can be sent over other systems, such as SMS for example, the internet is still the easiest way.

Increased internet reach means increased Bitcoin reach. This will further open up the chance for participation in the global economy. This has direct implications for economic growth: making remittance and financing more efficient. Financing is particularly interesting.


As a Bitcoin user you can finance the developing world directly. You can also receive a return directly. There is no need to use costly investment intermediaries, such as banks. Both the giver and receiver of finance directly benefit. As does the entire global economy.

This high level of decentralisation is exactly what we can expect with greater internet reach. Facebook is motivated by other factors besides self interest in this project. As part of internet.org, it has the mission of delivering cheap internet to the entire world.

However, it seems also that with such projects the world will have access to the technologies needed to join the global marketplace. Thereby increasing the standing of whole communities. This has great potential and direct benefit to all internet companies like Facebook. If you’re interested in trying out Bitcoin click here.

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