Digital Gaming

Digital Gaming – Bitcoin and Ethereum Gambling

The digital gaming industry is huge. Online gaming will be worth US$ 50 Billion by 2018. That’s a 50% increase in a decade.

For Bitcoin and Ethereum, gambling is enormous! It continues to keep growing strong.

SatoshiDICE used to be the only Bitcoin gambling site. It was a huge success. It used to do half of all Bitcoin transactions. That’s a ridiculous percentage.

SatoshiDICE sold for 112,000 BTC in 2013. That’s about ZAR 888,514,681 !

Digital Gambling is Booming

Since SatoshiDICE the industry has exploded. Mainstream gambling sites keep adding digital currency.

Now we’re going past Bitcoin. People are starting to use Ethereum for gambling. It’s going to be big business.

In many ways Ethereum is better than Bitcoin. Ethereum has its own programming language. Bitcoin doesn’t.

So with Ethereum you can make anything you want. You can’t really do that with Bitcoin.

Everyone is really excited about gambling on Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Gambling Leaders

The main gambling game for Ethereum is vDice. Everyone’s excited about this game. It’s like SatoshiDICE for Ethereum.

Everyone expects vDice to be as successful as SatoshiDICE. Already it’s big. They are having a token sale soon. You can profit from the game’s success.

Swissoft is making the best casinos software for Bitcoin at the moment. There NAS Casino is extremely popular for Bitcoin gambling. They are understood to be the most secure and advanced gambling games for Bitcoin.

Companies making the best gambling Software keep building for Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is huge growth. It’s happening right now. It’s very exciting. The profit potential is huge.

It will be interesting to watch this develop. We will continue to keep our readers like you updated. Then you can profit from this booming industry’s success. Don’t miss out. Keep up to date with your content from our exchange service.

Fully Decentralised Gambling

The greater promise here, is decentralised gambling. That is the real technological breakthrough. There is no need for servers, or centralised processing.

There is no need to trust gaming operators. Instead you can have trust in the blockchain itself. This is a provably fair experience leveraging the unique, open, transparent and public blockchain database.

What are left with is brave new gambling paradigm.

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