Cryptocurrency listed on iCE3 exchange

  • Binance Coin

    Binance Coin (BNB | B) is the native Crypto Currency for popular bitcoin and altcoin exchange, Binance.

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin (BTC or XBT | ₿) is the original cryptocurrency and most well-known of all on the market. Created by Satoshi Nakamoto

  • BitcoinCash

    BitcoinCash (BCH | ₿c) is the result of a contentious Bitcoin hard-fork. BitcoinCash promotes a faster more transaction friendly type of Bitcoin

  • Cardano

    Cardano (ADA | ₳ ) is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is a fully open source. Highly rated amongst academics.

  • Dash

    Dash (DASH | D) sells itself as peer-to-peer (p2p) decentralized electronic cash (a decentralised PayPal if you will). Promising scalable fast payments.

  • Doge

    Dogecoin (DOGE | Dg ) started as a joke cryptocurrency, based on the popular Doge meme of 2013. It has acquired cult status.

  • Ethereum

    Ethereum (Ether or ETH | Ξ)  is an application platform. It is decentralized and its main purpose is to run smart contracts.

  • Litecoin

    Litecoin (LTC | Ł) is a faster, albeit a slightly less secure (using scrypt) version of the original Bitcoin.

  • Monero

    Monero (XMR | ɱ) is an open-source cryptocurrency created back in April 2014. It primarily focuses on privacy and decentralisation.

  • Neo

    Neo (NEO | N) is hailed as the Chinese Ethereum. It is a decentralised application platform (dAPP). Built to run smart contracts and 3rd party dAPP's.

  • ZCash

    ZCash (ZEC | ) is a permissionless cryptocurrency which fully protects the privacy of transactions with zero-knowledge cryptography.