Scratch Card Bitcoin Lightning Game

What is it?

This is a provably fair novelty scratch card chance game. Your objective is to find 3 cards with the same value, if you do, you are rewarded with the amount of Satoshi on the ticket.

This is a novelty game and is for educational and entertainment purpose only.

How to Play?

Send 100 satoshis to set up 6 cards according to the provably fair seeds. You’ll be shown a QR code and a Lightning invoice address, use either to send the Satoshi using your Lightning enabled Bitcoin wallet.

Withdraw your balance at any time by clicking on balance and pasting a payment request.

Is it Fair?

The game uses provably fair system by providing you with a hashed server-seed before the card is picked. You can verify the results here.

Game Odds

10000 sats: %0,05
5000 sats: %0,1
1000 sats: %0,8
500 sats: %5
200 sats: %10
100 sats: %25