• Instamyna Bitcoin Lightning Game

    This is a bitcoin lightning powered bitcoin mining game. You are presented with 3 mining contracts to instantly mine a 30second block. Only one of the 3 contracts in each round will be profitable. The goal is to select the most profitable contract in order to achieve a payout.
  • Duck Hunt Bitcoin Lightning Game

    The objective of this first-person shooter game is to shoot moving targets on screen in mid-flight using the mouse on a PC or simply touching the screen on mobile. Each round consists of a total of ten targets to shoot. One or more targets will appear on the screen at any given time. You have to hit a minimum number of targets in order to advance to the next round else the is game over. The difficulty increases as you advance to higher rounds; targets will move faster and the minimum number of targets to shoot will increase.
  • Scratch Card Bitcoin Lightning Game

    The goal here is to find 3 scratch cards with the same value of Satoshi on them. This is a totally random chance based game which you trigger by sending a bitcoin lightning payment to the receiver invoice address or QR code. The game starts automatically and will set up 6 cards for you to scratch. If you get 3 cards with the same amount you can instantly withdraw that amount of Satoshi.
  • BlackJack Bitcoin Lightning Game

    The aim is to get to a total face value of 21 from the cards you are dealt. If you keep drawing cards and go beyond 21, you lose, if the dealer gets more than you, you lose. However, if you get more than the dealer you win. The dealer may only stand on a total face value of 17 and therefore has to keep drawing cards.