Trading 101

Trading 101

Trading 101

Who Trades Bitcoin?

Unlike the stock market, for example, you don’t need to trade through a single, centralized exchange, with a single price option. This means anyone with access to the internet can trade bitcoin all day and all night… and they do!

In Bitcoin and digital currency markets, there is no single reference price. Prices across different exchanges can vary. It all depends on the traders in any given exchange. Specifically, what are they bidding (buyers) and asking (sellers)? The biggest market participants could be large professional companies or even a whale who managed to get a hold of bitcoin and ride one of the many profit waves over the last decade.

In fact, iCE3X is one of many exchanges, globally. Further, exchanges are a single part of the rich Bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem. This much variety in exchanges provides easy opportunities for quick profits, through arbitrage. While it may seem overwhelming at first, this is another reason why internet currency is so awesome to trade: quick, simple, profit opportunities. Furthermore, you can do Bitcoin trading anywhere.

Is it difficult?

It’s a little like trading commodities or forex. You have to find the best deal. If you find it, you can flip it quickly to another buyer, on a different exchange, at a higher price. Because trading fees are so low, and transfers are so quick, do this a couple of times in a day or week, and you’re making good money.

In short, anyone can trade Bitcoin, theoretically. But, to do it properly you’ll need a bank account and at least one exchange account. An exchange account is easy to open. Just register here with iCE3X. It is quick and easy.

A bank account? Well, that depends on your country. Actually, you only need a bank account if you plan on trading government money with digital currency. If you just want to trade digital currency pairs ie. BTC/LTC, then you won’t even need a bank account.

Trading bitcoin and digital currency is the fastest and easiest way to learn to trade while making good money. The value of these currencies fluctuates greatly. This means great profit opportunities. This is high-risk trading, with high rewards and is super exciting because, well, there is plenty of money to be made in the trading of bitcoin.

*Don’t forget, bitcoin trading is risky, you could lose some or all of your investment. Always consult a professional financial advisor before making large investment decisions

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