Lightning Network 101

lightning network 101

Lightning Network 101

Who are the creators of the Lightning Network?

You can trace the idea of the lightning network back to 2015, where Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryia describe it in their whitepaper. There are three distinct teams, who collectively carry out all the tasks involved with running the lightning network project. The lightning network also receives support from members of the Bitcoin Community at large.

The main difference is that they are implementing the protocol using distinct programming languages.

  • ACINQ is responsible for a Scala implementation.
  • Blockstream works on LN version in C.
  • Lightning Labs is developing a Lightning Network Daemon written in Golang.

All of the groups above are working on their own implementation of the Lightning Network Protocol for different audiences.

Furthermore, there are other projects and companies growing the ecosystem – have a look at GitHub.

In conclusion, the lightning network appears to have the most resource backing and is most likely to win the race in scaling bitcoin to a true micropayment solution.

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