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I must confess that I don’t know why I am writing this article, but it doesn’t matter, I need to write it. I have worked with Cryptocurrency for the past 4 years and in this article, I will give you my full point of view. How I heard about it, when, an what I actually think about it. This will be fresh and it will be raw. And hopefully, my editor will make sure it will be in someway readable. 

How I heard about cryptocurrency

the world of cryptocurrency

I have a little chip on my shoulder because of cryptocurrency, and it’s because of my hearing about bitcoin all the way back in 2008. YES! In the year Satoshi Nakamoto releases his whitepaper and bitcoin costs were effectively nothing. I hated myself because I was lazy. Now believe me when I say laziness will not kill you but it will definitely cost you. I had not read or researched enough about what the hell bitcoin is back then, and I deeply regret it now. I had just heard it that it’s one of these new-fangled cryptocurrencies that online casinos were using as an alternative payment process. Efbet was the first casino to do this, from what I remember! But that had nothing to do with me, right?  I did not look into it further and it is one of the stupid things that younger me had done.

Let’s jump a few years forward in the time to 2015. I thought I was out but they keep dragging me back in! I got a phone call from a friend about mining, so cryptocurrency hooked me in again and more importantly, I learnt what a mining rig is. You can read about my rocky start into mining in my previous article: My first Mining Rig: The Mistakes I’ve made, which you should avoid!

Is there a future in cryptocurrency?

My answer to this binary question is definitely “yes”. And I will give you an example of why I think so. Keep in mind, this is my point of view. If you make any financial investment decisions, it should be because of your point of view and research, not mine! I am not responsible for any financial loses or gains! If this helps with your gains, you can buy me a beer though, I am not gonna refuse! Wink, wink!

So, the reason why I believe that there is a future in the cryptocurrency and moreover in bitcoin technology is because of the use case. It’s a unique technology, with great architecture and for now an uncrackable security system. Imagine someone out there, with a brilliant mind that can use that technology for humanity. Let’s say. as a result because of this technology,  eventually, you can do such precise calculations that you can cure illness, prevent disasters and etc. The price of the bitcoin will skyrocket and stay there.

And the example…

Finance Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Blockchain Money

Finance Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Blockchain Money

When “Apple” was starting, the shares cost just a few dollars. Now though? Better don’t ask. Why would you invest in Apple company back then? Just another new brand, a startup and there were already huge brands like Ericson, Motorola, Nokia, Sony and etc. Why would someone believe in Apple? Now, why would you believe in bitcoin’s future? There is no particular reason. In the time it may vanish, or be a huge step for humanity and a new level in the technology! It has so much space to grow.

Apple Inc

Me, personally I believe that bitcoin’s technology will bring a lot to the world and it will be for good. Just like Apple the company, they are leaders and they push the rest of the brands to show their best to be able to compete in the world of phones, tablets, laptops and etc. If you wanna fight side by side with the best, you gotta offer your best and keep up to that level!

Should I invest in cryptocurrency?

Who am I to tell you to do so, or not? It’s up to you. You have your own thoughts, you are smart and you may do your own research and get the answers that you need. I have invested in cryptocurrency and I do not regret it. If I can, I will invest more, definitely. Again, that’s my point of view for what is happening currently in the tech world’s field. There were many loses because the prices dropped a lot and people sold in a panic. But there were also many people who gained a huge amount of money by buying it when it went low and are reaping the rewards now.

They were so-called “normal” people. Now, they are rich. Let’s not forget the other side of the coin though, the people who invested money that they do not have and did not do their own research and sold in a panic when the first sign of bad news appeared. Now, they are broke. And, again, let’s not forget the third side of the coin, which is the truth. For everyone involved, the truth has a different shape, including you, including me!


Should I get into cryptocurrency? Yes and No! You decide. If I get into cryptocurrency, should I go straight forward for bitcoin or other altcoins? Yes and No! You decide. There are pros and cons. Check the prices on the iCE3X cryptocurrency exchange platform, and you will understand how far you may go with the investing in cryptocurrencies. Also, which one. Altcoins are way lower in price, which means you can invest less amount of money to get into cryptocurrency. And the game is the same. No one can guarantee you if the prices will go up or no. Do your research about the technology behind the crypto token/coin.


Read carefully what has happened with it throughout the years. And then, decide. We at iCE3 have dedicated topics for top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and their coin profiles. Go to our Cryptocurrency Coin Page and hit up a cryptocurrency for their coin profile. The guides are comprehensive and you will get most of the information you need. Keep in mind, we can’t put everything in one post. It’s not possible. That’s why at the end of the day you should do your own research, which should be more detailed.

So, are you part of the cryptocurrency world? Do you own any cryptocurrencies and are you going to invest more?

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