A Special – CNBC Bitcoin

CNBC is one of the major US based news broadcaster. The network has international reach through its spinoffs and covers business and financial market news.

The network has a global reach of approximately 390 million viewers. It is one of the twenty most valuable cable channels in the US. It is based out of New Jersey.

The network recently aired a 30 minute special, a Bitcoin documentary. Entitled: ‘Bitcoin Uprising’, it was dedicated to a fair and balanced analysis of the the so-called ‘Bitcoin Revolution’ in finance.

The documentary sought to take a fair and balanced look at Bitcoin, digital currency and its status in the world today.

The documentary’s tagline reads:

CNBC’s Mary Thompson takes an in-depth see this emerging digital currency by talking with the bitcoin faithful, who believe outdoors source currency will upend the worldwide financial system, in addition to individuals who believe bitcoin is definitely an easily altered tool that enables crooks, cyber-terrorist and drug barons at night time online underworld.

According to CNBC the special shed “[…] necessary light around the speculative currency and the way forward for money.”

The documentary focused on both the history of Bitcoin and its potential place in the future of finance.180px-CNBC_logo.svg

To Bitcoin enthusiasts and active traders on the iCE3X platform there was little in the way of new content. However, for those unfamiliar with the digital currency, it provided a fairly good view. It was not overly technical and was balanced in its analysis.

Many Bitcoin proponents see the special as an important tool for educating the public at large, raising much needed awareness.

SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert, a fan of the special, spoke directly with CNBC about the production. CNBC confirmed that if it gets enough views it will be aired on prime-time.

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