Resources Program

We are proud of our first community initiative: ‘Resources’. The aim is to raise awareness of Bitcoin, while using the technology to manifest positive change.

If you are a charitable organisation and would like to know more about how you can benefit from Bitcoin, to raise funds for your cause, contact us.

Bitcoin can really change lives in a positive and meaningful way. See below the charitable causes we support. Kindly consider donating Bitcoin and/or Litecoin.

We provide this service for charities and not-for-profit community organisation free of any commissions or fees. Charities are strictly vetted and constant communication is a pre-requisite.

For the first time in history organisations and individuals can donate to charitable causes, knowing that their donations reach beneficiaries directly.

Below are the charitable causes we support.

These have been successfully vetted and verified by us. For further details about that process, contact us.

Crypto_can_conquer_corona Crypto Can Conquer Corona (3/30/2020) - Can Crypto change lives? We think it can! iCE3 has taken the initiative to fight the corona pandemic head-on. We have very quickly mobilized to make toilet paper available to the less fortunate and we need your help to scale this operation. Working with the Mayor of Matlosana, Cllr. Maetu Kgaile, and a local toilet […]
RIP Rebaone (12/11/2014) - It is with great sadness that we have learnt Rebaone Nkuyagae has lost his fight against Aplastic Anaemia, an aggressive and terminal disease. Generous Bitcoin and Litecoin donations from the community have helped ease his pain and we would like to thank everyone that made a donation to help make a difference in his short life. May […]
iCE3X Charity Program Update (4/22/2014) - Charity Program – ‘Resources’ Bitcoin has a lot of potential to help charities. For the first time in history people can send micro-donations from anywhere in the world directly to an organisation. There is no middle-man and no overheads. This has extraordinary potential to help people’s lives. At the same time, awareness of Bitcoin in Africa is […]
Rebaone Update – Community Charity (4/21/2014) - Resource Charity Program – Rebaone Update Rebaone is part of our Resources charity program. This brave 8 year old boy has been battling Aplastic Anaemia, an aggressive and terminal disease. Generous Bitcoin and Litecoin donations from the community have helped ease his pain. Unfortunately, This Saturday, Rebaone was admitted to hospital, after he suffered a significant injury to the head, while playing […]
Rebaone Update – Community Charity (2/11/2014) - Thanks to iceCUBED charity program; ‘Resources’. And, of course, your help. Rebaone was in the Donald Gordon hospital all of last week. At first he received blood and platelets and then they inserted a port for future receipt of bloods and medicines. With the port in place they do not need to put in intravenous lines […]
Klerksdorp Boy Seeks Bone Marrow Donor – Help Rebaone (1/28/2014) - article originally appeared here Klerksdorp boy desperately seeks a bone marrow donor. The 8-year-old son of a single mother is battling a life-threatening blood disorder. In April 2013, 8-year-old Rebaone Nkuyagae from Klerksdorp was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a blood disorder in which a patient’s bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells. Unfortunately, […]
Rebaone Nkuyagae – Charity Program Member (1/28/2014) - Help for Rebaone This is part of our Resources charity program. Rebaone Nkuyagae is only 8 years old. He has a terminal disease of the most aggressive kind: Aplastic Anaemia. His blood has stopped producing red and white blood cells. He can’t be cured. To add insult to injury, there is no treatment available in his town. Rebaone […]