storing_cryptocurrency_category_ice3xStoring cryptocurrency is a nerve-wracking thing to do. Many new users do not know the different options available to them. Some understand the concept of cryptocurrency. They may know how to send and receive coins online. Most, however, do not understand or know the difference between a custodial and non-custodial wallet. This is probably the most important thing to understand about cryptocurrency. Otherwise, it is simply the same as digitised FIAT Money.

The storing cryptocurrency category contains all our posts related to cryptocurrency storage. Hardware and software wallets, brain wallets, paper wallets and more. There are also some outlandish ways to store crypto assets. (Cases of people implanting NFC chips, allowing them to send and receive cryptocurrency by simply swiping the implant, exist already).

This category also contains articles on how to secure your cryptocurrency. Furthermore, you will learn where you can find 3rd party storage solutions. (These are companies that provide a service to look after your cryptocurrency. They usually offer insurance as standard. Consequently, this means that you do not have to worry about storing your own crypto if you do not want to. But in contrast with FIAT money, you can take full control of all your crypto yourself.

The golden rule of cryptocurrency:

“Not your KEYS, Not your COINS”

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