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Everyone wants to know the secret to making a profit, here it is. The golden rule is to PLAN your TRADE and TRADE your PLAN.

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bitcoin china

Bitcoin China and the Price Bitcoin China is a significant market. It is arguably the most important market. Most bitcoin trading volume is done in Chinese Yuan. Further, a large proportion of the mining is also in China. iceCUBEDX is a key exchange player in Africa. We keep track of our counterparts in other key markets. [email protected]‘s @BobbycLee: […]

trading analysis week 22

Bitcoin Altcoin Price Analysis Well, as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. For bitcoin altcoin price this is true. Bitcoin’s recent bull charge was certainly big, meteoric even. Now the price is well and truly in correction mode. From it’s highs of ZAR 11,000 last week, we have retraced to ZAR 8,500 on current […]

Trading Analysis Week 21

Bitcoin Altcoin Trader Weekly Market Analysis If you’re a Bitcoin Altcoin trader you have to be excited. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel at the moment. Everything just keeps going up. Bitcoin Market and Price Analysis It has already smashed through some barriers we told our traders to watch. So again, further gains seem […]

Trading Analysis Week 21

Bitcoin Altcoin Trader Price Analysis In our Bitcoin Altcoin trader price analysis we can see the bull is back, and he’s firmly in charge. Bitcoin hit an almost 2-year high this week, reaching as high as ZAR 9,000 in trading. In US dollar markets it Bitcoin almost broke through its key overhead resistance at USD 600 […]

Litecoin Trading Comes to BTC China iceCUBED was one of the world’s first stable, national exchanges to offer Litecoin trading to its customers. As a result, South Africans are in a unique and enviable position; able to easily trade both Litecoin and Bitcoin through a trusted local exchange. We were joined by some very auspicious company […]