Trading cryptocurrency is exciting and can be very rewarding. Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile. The iCE³X Trading category contains all our articles which relate to trading cryptocurrencies in South Africa on iCE³X as well as the rest of the world. It kicks off with articles about the first crypto traders, scams and now defunct exchanges. It goes on through to exciting coverage of the latest trends and analysis. In addition, we have weekly posts on the performance of the coins that we list on the exchange. Furthermore, we actively research the industry to bring you up to date and accurate trading information. IN CONTRAST WITH MANY PUBLISHERS WE DO NOT ACCEPT SPONSORED OR PARTNER CONTENT

Everyone wants to know the secret to making a profit, here it is. The golden rule is to PLAN your TRADE and TRADE your PLAN.

Get in touch with us if you cannot find what you are looking for. We will help you find it or get it on our editorial calendar. Always do your own research when evaluating a new coin. Do not simply follow the herd.

Bitcoin to ZAR

Are u looking to exchange bitcoin to Rand or understand how the conversion works? Learn how to convert bitcoin to ZAR. Understand the risks and find out how to trade safely and securely. Changing BTC to Rand has become a lot easier in South Africa since iCE³X opened back in 2013. To exchange bitcoin to […]

The iCE3X trading fee discount plan guide. iCE3X is excited to show you how the trading fee discount plan guide (TFDP Guide) can help you save. First of all, let’s get some information regarding what trading fees are after which we will guide you on how to benefit from our trading fee discount plans. Trading […]

Trade ADA as South African with iCE3X

ADA trading pairs announced on iCE3X? Cardano trading markets are going live on the ICE³X cryptocurrency exchange platform on 1 August 2018. ICE³X will be listing ADA/ZAR and ADA/BTC markets simultaneously and also have no trading fees on the ADA/BTC market. An ADA trading platform for South Africans iCE3X offer nine other cryptocurrencies and 14 markets in […]

Cardano South Africa

What is Cardano? How to buy Cardano in South Africa? Cardano is an open source public blockchain. You can build decentralized applications and contracts on the Cardano smart contract platform. You can create, complex, programmable transfers of value which can be executed in a low-cost, secure and scalable way. Cardano will likely be in competition […]


ICE3X & Cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities If you are an ICE3X exchange user, you will have noticed that they have recently added new coins to the exchange. However, due to the new coins being priced in bitcoin, some users seem to be slightly confused. Users want to know why these coins can only be bought and sold […]

how to buy monero in south africa

Buying Monero in South Africa Buy Monero in South Africa and pay with Bitcoin (BTC|XBT) or Rand (ZAR). If you would like to buy Monero, the most popular privacy coin since Bitcoin. If you are new to Monero you can find out exactly what it is in our previous blog post “What is Monero“. Steps […]

deposit and withdrawal limits

Transfer Limits on ICE³X Carefully read about Deposit and Withdrawal Limits. When making a deposit to the iceCUBED exchange, you need to please take note of the minimum and maximum deposit amount for each currency you are depositing. There is no maximum amount for the cryptocurrency deposits. If your deposit is LESS than the minimum […]

Zcash exchange on ice3x

ZCash exchange now possible on iceCUBED-X in South Africa ZCash exchange is now Live! We have recently enabled the Zcash market on the iceCUBED cryptocurrency exchange for users to trade Zcash and bitcoin. You can find the ZEC/BTC market on the exchange here: What is ZCash? Zcash is a privacy-oriented digital currency that uses […]

Bitcoin Market Price Trading Analysis In this week’s bitcoin market price trading analysis, the focus is on the last 72-hrs. There has seen a large sell-off in Bitcoin. The price hit a low of ZAR 8,575 after essentially trading sideways for most of the last week of July. Most of the Bitcoin press is attributing the […]