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2 Billion Bitcoin Whale

Last week, the price of bitcoin took a dive by as much as 15% over 2 days. Consequently, speculation mounted up on the internet, and a theory emerged that a bitcoin whale was on the move. These internet detectives came to the conclusion that a major holder of cryptocurrency with an electronic wallet was making […]

Project Khokha

Project Khokha is a SARB (South African Reserve Bank) initiative running on an Ethereum based platform. A blockchain company named ConsenSys developed this technology along with Quorom. Project Khokha’s main objective is to replicate SAMOS (The South African Multiple Gross Operation Settlement System). This system is long overdue for a big overhaul, and Project Khokha attempts to […]

ice3x august 2018 update

We have a great iCE3X upgrade for everyone this month, security, Cardano (ADA) and more. Let me run you through the iCE3X upgrade: Portfolio Value Indicator You can now check at a glance an estimated value for the balances in your portfolio in ZAR or NGN. You’ve been asking for it and now it is available […]

july 2018 upgrades

Our team has put together a huge update for the site this month just in time for the new launch of Cardano (ADA) on the platform. This July 2018 upgrade focuses on additional security features as well as some new functions and optimisations. We will highlight some of these below. Security Updates Checking and Terminating Sessions […]

bitcoin vs bitcoin cash

bitcoin vs Bitcoin cash Bitcoin bitcoin vs Bitcoin bitcoin cash (B)bitcoin vs Bitcoin cash is technically not the correct term. Well, I say it is technically not the correct term, but who knows, maybe it is … no one is in charge and consensus is remote. This is the problem with decentralisation or rather, a […]

South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), also known as The Hawks, have stated that they are currently running an ongoing investigation into a major bitcoin scam. BTC Global is the main culprit and reports say they have stolen over $80 million (1,187,212,000 Rand) worth of bitcoin from investors all over the world. In an […]

bitcoin cash may 2018 network upgrade

The Bitcoin Cash May 2018 network upgrade is now live The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network base block size is now 32MB after the Bitcoin Cash May 2018 network upgrade. Furthermore there are some other OP_Codes which have been re-enabled or added to the code base. What does the Bitcoin Cash May 2018 network upgrade bring […]


Investor enthusiasm in Bitcoin is Spiking. 2018 has not been all that great for Bitcoin. But the demand for this new asset is not slowing down at all. In fact the investors have shown a revived enthusiasm in cryptocurrency which shows that this industry will continue to grow for a long time.  There can be […]

ice3x launch monero trading

Monero Trading Anyone? Monero trading markets are now live on the ICE³X cryptocurrency exchange platform. ICE³X is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in Africa to list the Monero coin, offering XMR/ZAR & XMR/BTC markets from the get-go. A Monero trading platform for South Africans iceCUBED-X offer seven other cryptocurrencies and 14 markets in total and we […]