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Cryptocurrency truly is  unstoppable. There is no scenario that can be played out where the invention of crypto currencies completely goes away. Any attempts by Governments or large institutions to completely stop it would be laughable. Sure, they can stifle it but they can’t stop it. Cryptocurrencies are an invention that, now invented, cannot be […]

So you’ve saved up some Bitcoins, are looking for a break from the concrete jungle and want to book a cruise from Durban? The good news is that you can now book cruises using Bitcoins, with SouthAfrica.TO. SouthAfrica.TO offers cruises all over the world. So whether you’re wanting to book with MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, […]

In a recent interview Litecoin creator Charlie Lee stated the coin will be added to BTC China exchange. As well as being the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee is the brother of BTC China CEO (Bobby Lee). He is also Senior Adviser at BTC China and a senior employee at Coinbase. BTC China is a […]

The illustrious Richard Branson has announced officially that his company Virgin Galactic will accept payment for space travel in Bitcoin! Yes you heard correctly. [youtube=] Need we say more …?

At the Bitcoin Senate Hearing on virtual currencies many thought Bitcoin was in for a beating, strangely enough the sentiment has turned quite positive and it seems that there is now a genuine respect for the much publicised internet currency.

Here we go again on the crazy train that is Bitcoin The price of Bitcoin is trading at R3,000 – R4,000 – depending on the chart. Media is buzzing with ‘experts’ predicting bubbles, implosions, explosions and other types of  ‘-sions’.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin Five years ago Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed his amazing innovation: Bitcoin. Download his original white paper: bitcoinwhitepaper

The Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme Step1. Buy 10 bitcoin for R10,000 from a Bitcoin Exchange. Step2. Sell 9 bitcoin to 9 “friends” for lets say R9,900 (R1,100 each) Step3. They each sell 0.5btc to “another friend” for R700 each 1 person now has 1btc at a net cost of R100 per 1btc. 9 people now have […]