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Behcets Disease

Feb 16, 2014 News < 1 minute

Johan van Niekerk is raising funds to attend the next International Behcets Conference. The Conference for doctors will be held in France in September of this year. Johan van Niekerk is raising funds to attend the next International Behcets Conference. The Conference for doctors will be held in France in September of this year. This […]

SPCA Update

Feb 13, 2014 News < 1 minute

SPCA Update – From Feb. 5th The SPCA found 2 tortoises in the township being kept under horrific conditions. In South Africa it is illegal to keep tortoises or any indigenous animals without a permit. The SAPS assisted the SPCA in this operation. Upon arrival at the first premises there was found a hole drilled […]

Mt. Gox was on its last legs for some time. The difficulty withdrawing funds from Mt. Gox made them a risky counter-party. The market factored that into a large US dollar premium at any given time, over 2013. The NY times notes a statement by Sarah Meiklejohn, a graduate student who studies virtual currencies, confirming […]

Thanks to iceCUBED charity program; ‘Resources’. And, of course, your help. Rebaone was in the Donald Gordon hospital all of last week. At first he received blood and platelets and then they inserted a port for future receipt of bloods and medicines. With the port in place they do not need to put in intravenous lines […]

Bitcoin Zero Fee Trading. We’re going to regularly drop the trading fees on ALL user accounts to ZERO. But you won’t know when or for how long. It’s a surprise every time. We’ll announce the zero-fee trading times on FB and Twitter, just before they start: Make sure you add us and stayed tuned! To […]

article originally appeared here Klerksdorp boy desperately seeks a bone marrow donor. The 8-year-old son of a single mother is battling a life-threatening blood disorder. In April 2013, 8-year-old Rebaone Nkuyagae from Klerksdorp was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a blood disorder in which a patient’s bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells. Unfortunately, […]

Help for Rebaone This is part of our Resources charity program. Rebaone Nkuyagae is only 8 years old. He has a terminal disease of the most aggressive kind: Aplastic Anaemia. His blood has stopped producing red and white blood cells. He can’t be cured. To add insult to injury, there is no treatment available in his town. Rebaone […]

News24 & iceCUBED. It seems the South Africa press is standing up and taking note of iceCUBED. With the Rand value in free fall people are coming to our exchange looking to preserve their wealth. Read the full story here. “A perfect storm has formed and the Rand continues its plummet. The key factors contributing […]